What a long week…every Friday I feel it. There were some great moments this week though.

On Tuesday, the 9th graders in my Honors Geometry were at an assembly. Just enough kids that would make it a pain to move on with the remaining 8th graders (they come up from the 3 middle schools to take the course a year early). I was at first struggling with the thought of what to do…and then MTBOS! Of course we would spend some time with WODB and counting dots! This group of kids got into it! They were all geeking out over it, not worrying about others thinking they weren’t cool. Love that these kids have a place to enjoy math!

In AP, we were working with the definition of the derivative. Since it’s BC, chances of them seeing this on their test are low. They do need to recognize the functions and the difference between average and instantaneous rate of change. On Facebook someone posted a picture of an activity that looked intriguing to me as an opener. Rather than rewriting the cards every year, I typed the expressions on “cards” and I plan to laminate them when I get a chance. It turned out to be an ok activity 2nd hour…but so much better 3rd as usual after an hour of experience!!


Yesterday, as part of my basic derivatives lesson we worked on this Desmos activity to “discover” the derivative of sine and cosine. The kids found it very useful to remember how those derivatives happen!

Sine Cosine

I forget where I found the links but I know it was in the #mtbos.

And to top the week off…Math with Bad Drawings came in the mail today! I had a stack of papers to check, but not sure I’m going to get to them now!!

180 – Day 48

In Calculus, we’re still working our way through the chain rule. Chain rule and the quotient rule were on today’s docket. We also worked on some factoring, in preparation of the quotient and chain rule together.

photo 1

In Honors Precalculus I used the online graphing calculator, Desmos, for one of the first times! I was so excited because I made myself some general equations with sliders and everything! We began Conic Sections today, so Desmos worked perfectly for these non-functions. I also shared it with a couple of my colleagues. They were amazed and loved it just as much as I do! Today was circles, tomorrow we will finish up Partial Fraction Decomposition with a “Quest” (not quite a test, bigger than a quiz).

photo 2