AP Calculus MPACs

Nothing major to share tonight, but did create some classroom decorations I wanted to put out there. AP Calculus has Math Practices similar to the common core. I made some displays to remind me and my classes (AP and Honors Precalculus) why we do the things we do.

The first is a link to the actual MPAC banners. This second link is to the subtopics banners. These are editable PowerPoint files. I will try to edit this post with PDF files if I think of it later.


180 – Day 5



I was not able to put this post up yesterday because of Curriculum Night at our school. Parents went through their child’s schedule and teachers tried to explain what exactly goes on in class on a daily basis. My students finished the class decorations today (above picture). I got the idea from Growing Exponentially. My Honors Precalculus class worked on this last week as an opening activity. Calculus was curious about it, and wanted to create, so we completed the activity today. My room was HOT on a 96 degree day, with the air conditioning broken in my area, so I didn’t mind doing an activity that helped the students relax a bit in the heat.