Day 47

Four of my colleagues and I had a professional development day today. This year, we got all new textbooks in the math department. W have spent some time (3 whole days since last May) learning about the Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry texts (Discovering series). It is a different way for a lot of the teachers, and the pd was very beneficial for these texts. I arranged for our Precalculus and Calculus teachers to get pd on our online homework/quiz system, My Math Lab (we use the DeMana texts for Precalc and non-AP Calc). This pd was also fantastically informative for us. I had not used this online homework system before, and it was awesome to have time to explore the site and to determine how to set up the things that might help our students, and might make things a little easier for us. One of my colleagues teaches at the community college nearby, and they utilize this system. We are preparing these college-bound students for the type of homework system they may see in the future. Regardless of feelings about homework, and the type of homework assigned (if any), just by utilizing an online component to their learning, I feel I’m doing a little more to prepare my students for their future.