180 – Day 16

Yes! Balfor had a rep at our school today to sell our sophomores, juniors and seniors some stuff, our principals pulled the kids out of 1st and 2nd hours depending on their grade, and I did not lose a single kid! No, I do not have all freshmen…seniors first hour, and they were called out during second! That almost never happens! I usually lose half of my class, making it difficult to plan around that.

So there was time to take a Limits by graphing and making tables quiz today in Calculus (why are they still such poor decision makers?! Oh yeah, they’re teenagers!). And we finished our limits flip book that we started yesterday. Here are a couple of more pictures:

photo 1

photo 2
photo 3

















I saw some students referring back to their notebook today as we worked on a practice worksheet in class. They were even turning back a few more pages to look up how to factor something! Very exciting!!

In Honors Precalculus we did a synthetic division scavenger hunt I found on Mrs. Cook’s blog. The kids had fun, and completed the division quickly…which is good because that’s just the first step in graphing any polynomial, the goal for our chapter. I did my best at making a note sheet to put into their INB, one which contains the big ideas of completely factoring any polynomial. It was a tight squeeze, and we will definitely have to do some examples and practice on a separate paper, but here is the file if you want to take a look. More pictures of that to come as we work on it a little more this week.