180 – Day 14

I know, I missed day 13…but I was out sick yesterday for an appointment. Stress fracture In my leg. It’s keeping me from running, was supposed to run in a half marathon next weekend. Guess I’m out of that. The doctor told me to stay off my feet. I looked at him like he’s nuts. He obviously has no idea what it takes to run a classroom, and sitting isn’t going to cut it! So now I’m stuck with this for a few weeks.


Today in Calculus, we talked about where limits exist, and the ways limits don’t exist. This has been brought up several times this week with some practice and homework problems, but we formalized it for our notebook today:


Then we ended with turning places where limits don’t exist to intervals where they do exist. I love turning the “negative” into a positive statement!

In Honors Precalculus, my students rocked their first test yesterday!  A few students who were struggling through a lot of the chapter even turned it up and did awesomely! Today, a review of quadratics before we get into everything they never wanted to know about Polynomials and their graphs! I got this foldable idea from High Heels in High School’s blog.

photo-1  photo-3


The students enjoyed a different kind of foldable, and it was great to use as a quadratic review. We also reviewed completing the square relatively quickly and did a little practice with that on the LHS of their INB. I love it when I find exactly what I needed on someone else’s blog, and it works out exactly as I intended it to!