Honors Geometry Unit 5-Polygon Properties

Another #MTBoSBlaugustpost!!!

I created a lot of items for this unit last year. Strange because of how busy I was with my AP Calc class, but nonetheless, here you go!

Polygon Angle Conjectures are first up. We begin with an investigation and sum this up with some conjectures. Students have different shapes on the back of the chart. They answer the row according to their shape and walk around to find others who have different shapes.

Kites and Trapezoids are the first quadrilaterals we talk about. Within the notes there is some investigation work we do to complete the conjectures. I do this on patty paper. I made these flip book notes last year.

And the LHS of each is a short reinforcement worksheet. Kite Trapezoid

We first discusses midsegments in the construction unit. Here we continue the discussion with a few conjectures. I don’t have anything exciting for this topic. The students are usually amazed at the triangle conjectures. Yeah, my students are a little nerdy! Most are 8th graders that come to the high school from the middle schools to take the class.

And then there are parallelograms. I made up most of the items, though I got some ideas and worksheets from Mrs. E’s blog. Especially when teaching AP Calc for the first time this year, like I did, other teacher’s ideas and work is so much appreciated!!

I do some coordinate proofs, again some things from Mrs. E. I made this up:

I then do some quadrilateral proofs, mostly for the thinking exercise. I used to do so much more and I think they are great for reinforcing the ideas in the unit but it usually comes at the end of the term. Exams come up and ruin all the fun.

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