Honors Geometry Unit 3- Tools of Geometry

Today is August 1st…and a girl from work posted on FB “August 1st is the worst”. It can mean thinking about work again, and working is worse than playing! But August 1st also means #Blaugust!

Unit 3 in Geometry means Constructions! I love constructions, though not all kids tend to feel that same love. It seems that less and less emphasis is put on constructions since no standardized tests ask students about them, but I think a lot of learning and investigating can be done with just the basics.

The first page in my notebook is a Basic Constructions instruction booklet I found from Crazy Math Teacher Lady.

I use this throughout the first few days of the unit, introducing each separately and giving the students practice time.

I use compasses and patty paper.

Segment/perpendicular bisectors lead to a couple of conjectures (Theorems the students discover) and some other vocabulary.

I’ll try to remember to post some links to these when I get into school. I don’t have them in my Dropbox right now.

Altitude is another use for perpendicular lines. (The link is .docx, so the font and spacing may be a little off. Sorry!)

This gives us skills to construct squares and rectangles too.

The last construction skill that is important to me is angle bisectors.

I did constructing parallel lines by duplicating angles last year, but am struggling with the necessity. It does reinforce what we learned last chapter. I still have to give that more thought.

I wrap the unit up with Points of Concurrency. This is my page from last year…

I read a post today that may have me rethink the end to my unit. Give Me a Sine has an awesome PBL project I’m thinking of adapting to my class. Students need to answer the question “where should the grocery store be built?” to help people in “food deserts” (watch the video).

I want to find some constructions activities for classroom practice. Homework didn’t work well this chapter especially if the students did not fully understand what they were supposed to do at first.


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