#MTBoSBlogsplosion Round #3

Better late than never, right?! I read the prompt for this week’s Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere and thought…who is spying on me? Has the MTBoS found a way to get in my mind?! Next week, I will start teaching Honors Trigonometry for the first time in 2 years. I was looking over my old Interactive Notebook and realized I had only used the INB idea once for honors trigonometry, so some of the pages could use a makeover. Off to Pinterest I go! My colleague and I share a Trigonometry page so I wanted to see what was there.
A few minutes on Pinterest led me to Sarah’s Math = Love site and Shireen’s Math Teacher Mambo blog! Great blogs, if you have never been! They both have fabulous ideas for my beginning Trigonometry unit. The pages I used the first time teaching this course with an INB are not bad, but I like to spice things up with some fresh ideas.

The first unit in trig consists of a lot of angle basics necessary for the rest of trig. First, I saved an idea from the agony and dx/dt‘s page to explore what a radian is. I have done this activity before, or one similar…with string. How boring is string when you can use candy!!!!

Twizzler’s Pull and Peel to be exact. I love using food whenever I can, and don’t know why I didn’t think of that! I will probably do something like Sarah’s pipe cleaner idea when transferring the lesson to their notebooks, candy doesn’t last on paper.

Instead of my boring sketching angles pages, I am going to use the cool page Sarah created. I even get to use a fastener so the angle rotates in the notebook! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

What drew me to Math=Love’s trig page was her Coterminal Angles Sort. So that will be next in my notebook.

The coolest thing ever in getting students to understand reference triangles and special angles though might be from Math Teacher Mambo, and I am so excited to give it a try and see if my students think as highly of it as I do! I love how colorful this all is…and I especially like doing something that helps with student’s understanding of fractions.

That is as far as my thoughts have gone considering I am not yet done with this semester and have some planning yet to do with my current classes. The MTBoS is so helpful and I love that these teachers have provided links to the handouts. Things I create will too be uploaded here…as the unit goes. It is so tough to choose just one thing to write about as far as the usefulness of this community, I utilize so many great ideas every day and try to make them my own. Please know I appreciate all of your blogs so much for inspiring me. Thank you for sharing your ideas!!


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