180 – Day 54

I started related rates in Calculus. Sam Shah helped a lot with my approach to the start of this topic. I read through his posts about related rates and his struggles with the purpose of them. I slightly modified an introduction activity I found on Sam’s blog to fit my students and class for something more interesting to lead with on a Friday. I then created a set of notes to go in our INB. They were more on the basic, introduction side, which is good for my classes – each missing a handful of students. I also borrowed some of them from Sam!

photo 1-1

photo 2-1 photo 3

There are still a couple of more examples, but we will get to those on Monday. I’m not so sure I struggle with these problem’s validity like Sam does, but he has me thinking about which problems are more relevant and which ones are contrived. I really want to try the Logger Pro activity he has posted on his blog, though I have no experience with that program, which means my students don’t either. I will have to find some time to take a look at it on my own sometime soon!

More conics in honors precalculus. Today, parabolas. The topic isn’t so thrilling, but I am having fun figuring out new ways to organize the information to fit in the INB!

photo 1 photo 2

I did get some nice complements about my notebooks, first from my assistant principal who was meeting with a parent that didn’t necessarily agree with my organization for her son. She loved it and defended my use of the INB to the parent. A few of my students in my precalculus course also expressed their appreciation for their INB. They even share pictures of theirs with students in another class so they can use the notes to help them on their homework! It’s nice to hear unsolicited complements from students!

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